Lemon balm tea might be good antiarrhytmic and cardioprotective agent.

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A new randomized open-label controlled trial (from august 2021) showed that consuming lemon balm tea together with lifestyle modifications has higher cardioprotective effect than lifestyle modifications alone.
60 patients with confirmed diagnosis of moderate to low-grade PVCs (arrhythmias type) during 12 weeks were receiving LB (lemon balm) teabags (2g dry leaves / 250ml hot water) twice a day in addition to lifestyle recommendations, while control group only received lifestyle recommendations.
RESULT: Patients in LB tea group had significantly lower concentration of triglyceride, total cholesterol and fasting blood sugar compared with control group. In tea group frequency of 24-hour premature ventricular beats was also lower compared with the controls.
TO SUM UP: The results seem to show the higher cardioprotective effects of LB as a medicinal plant than lifestyle modifications alone. Nevertheless, further exploration of this hypothesis is warranted using large-scaled clinical trials.