No, the herbs we grow and blend do not contain caffeine.

Although each type of tea has a different shelf life, it’s best to use or tea within 6 to 12 months of purchase.

If you need the herbal consultation then you should call us at +1 (831) 295 75 20 or reach us through our email anastasia.herbalist@gmail.com

If demand for our herbal teas increases, we would certainly consider adding additional herbal tea varieties in the future.

Contact our Customer Service by e-mail or telephone, and we will replace your order.

Tea has been consumed for ages and has always been regarded as the safest beverage. Our herbal tea is known to take care of infections like, colds, flu and known to take care of headaches and muscular pains.

You can contact me and will be happy to help you with making custom herbal blend.

Order as much or as little tea as you would like.