Chrysanthemum Tea is not Just a Tea, It is a Herbal Medicine !!

In the world of Ayurveda, chrysanthemum holds a special place and has been used as herbal medicine for many years. We are holistic consultants and here, we are going to enlighten some top benefits of chrysanthemum.

First, Let’s Have a Look on the Chrysanthemum History

Since its cultivation in China for thousands of years, chrysanthemums have been prized for their beauty, delectable flavor, and therapeutic benefits. As word of its benefits spread throughout East Asia, it eventually reached the West. Its reputation as a long life elixir is influenced by its capacity to bloom throughout the autumn and early winter. It’s possible that you’ve observed vivid “Mums” illuminating a garden long after other blooms have vanished.

The species that are most frequently employed in herbalism are C. indicum and C. morifolium, and flower colors range from yellow to white. Despite having many similarities, each flower’s color and species is known to have its own affinity and flavor.

Chrysanthemum is Eatable with Unique Properties!!

The most admired feature of chrysanthemum is the combination of astringent and moistening properties in it—a unique and priceless collaboration in a single plant. This herb has cooling properties and is rich in nutrients that strengthen tissues and have antibacterial properties. It is a gentle tonic in Chinese medicine that dispels wind, cleanses blood, soothes the liver, revives the mind, brightens the eyes, and regenerates the body. It can softly open the heart and has a calming impact on the nervous system.

Because of its affinity for the eyes and ability to improve visual clarity, chrysanthemum has conventionally been considered as a lifespan tonic for overall health. It has been utilized to enhance cardiovascular health. Chrysanthemum has also been used to treat a variety of acute illnesses, including sore or inflamed eyes, carbuncles and boils, headaches, flu, colds, and other acute viral infections. It is thought to be useful for easing a sore throat, cleaning the lungs, bringing down a fever, and treating stomach bloating and cramps.

Currently, some medical professionals are examining its applications for many diseases. Chrysanthemum is an extremely potent herb, despite its delicate flavor. A cup of chrysanthemum tea has a delicate quality that still feels incredibly comforting and restorative. And drinking it is a genuine delight.

Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits Are Countless!!

Chrysanthemum tea is recommended for a variety of health reasons. It can perhaps reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol level, act as a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C, and lower blood pressure. Particularly, inflammation is a major factor in many of the common illnesses one may have on a daily basis, from minor annoyances to serious illnesses that keep me from playing for a few days.

Chrysanthemum tea is so widely regarded in China as a beneficial health beverage for its relaxing and cooling properties that individuals from all walks of life may be seen sipping thermoses full of it all day long. Large thermoses can be seen on the workstations of young white-collar professionals, in the cup-holder of your taxi, and being carried by elderly grandmothers on the street.

There is no need to depart from custom, so. So, your grandmother/mother may have advised you to have a sip of chrysanthemum tea when you

  • experience migraines or headaches
  • desire assist in digestion following a large meal
  • are developing acne or a rash
  • have a canker or cold sore, or feel one developing
  • have high cholesterol or blood pressure

So, you can purchase chrysanthemum tea easily here. Remember, we just do not deal in selling products, being as holistic consultants, we also advise you a best tea per your health conditions too.