A gift set of two glass tubes with tea (small)


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DIMENSIONS (1 tube):
0.78″L x 0.78″W x 5.11″H

CAPACITY (1 tube):

– Green tea
– Jasmine

– Rooibos
– Lavender
– Orange Peels

Green tea with jasmine blossoms offers a blend of antioxidants from both the tea and jasmine, aiding in boosting metabolism, promoting weight management, and contributing to overall skin health. Its floral aroma enhances the taste experience, providing a soothing and refreshing cup.

Rooibos contains antioxidants like quercetin, which may have mood-boosting properties, while the aroma of oranges is known to have a positive impact on mood and stress reduction. Enjoying a cup of rooibos lavender and orange peel tea might provide a calming and uplifting experience.


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